About Me…

As I am 23 going on 43 I thought, I’d document the trials and tribulations of an ageing 20 something.

I have loved writing for as long as I can remember, and in my accelerated old age I am beginning to become overly opinionated. I care, as I should, about my future and my surroundings.

I will strive my best not to dwell on the evils and misery. I want to make you laugh but in turn, make you think.

Help you to take pride and build self confidence. But fear not, I’m not all knowing, I’m still learning too.

There may also be a little beauty, books and booze included somewhere along the way… (don’t say I don’t treat you well)

 Disclaimer : this blog may be on the feminist side of life but I am, by no means, a Man Hating Monster. I’m just a normal human who cares about equality!