how to manage your happiness

Lets stop saying. I need to take care/sort out of my mental health – I am always down and I need to be happier – I have a problem with my mental health.

Let’s start talking about how we can make good our happiness! Take the imaginary burden off our shoulders and fall in love with our happiness all over again.

Find one little thing each day that makes things just that little bit brighter. Focus on something stupidly small that makes you smile. For me it’s nature, flowers, bees, etc. I look at them and think their are beautiful without trying, without having to do anything. They are beautiful and peaceful by their very nature.

Find something within yourself that makes you happy. There HAS to be at least ONE thing. Maybe it’s people falling off their bikes… go watch ‘you’ve been framed’ and laugh your arse off for half an hour (the scary thing that some people won’t know what that is and I was more or less brought up on it haha) 

That’s my tiny piece of obvious by necessary advice. Find something that makes you smile no matter the significance.


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