Toying with a Millennial Mind

Recently I’ve had the tendency to overthink every aspect of my life. It seems to be the curse of the Millennials to put extreme amounts of pressure to be better and to one up each other.  In theory this is a positive thing but I can be taken for granted. Millennials think they have it easy and act like they are floating through life but the downside of this is, any tiny difficulty is a nightmare. Over the past 2 years I have become more aware of my political and social surroundings, I was always one to keep my mouth shut as soon as a sensitive topic arose. But, I don’t feel like this is fair to myself anymore. I have beliefs and I believe they are not outlandish.

Equality should not be impossible. It should be inevitable.

I recently attended a course that meant I met unlike minded people (is that a phrase, it is now) these people were in the infancy of some phrases that come second nature to me. And to introduce a lady in her 40s to the phrase ‘Gender Neutral’ was upsetting. Not everyone in the world is as knowledgeable as the people I surround myself with. I fear that things happen due to a lack of knowledge rather than hatred and that frightens me.

I am extremely lucky to live in Brighton, it’s an entire city filled with positive, equality seeking humans. I live in a city that for me is constantly pushing social norms. That is something I think Millennials need to become more aware of, pushing social boundaries, so that the next generation don’t have to go through past struggles. I feel like in the past year we’ve cascaded backwards, and crashed into the 50s and landed in a pile of manure.

It’s not been fun. For any of us.

But in the new Millennial ideal that is becoming more and more prevalent in today’s society, we need to channel the good that we do as a generation and over shadow the few individuals that counteract all our hard work. We have positive outlooks and welcome all walks of life with open arms.

Now, don’t get me wrong. I’m not totally delusional. I know there are plenty of bad people out there who are bigoted, narrow minded, and selfish, but I wishfully like to think there good most certainly out ways the bad. We will make this world a safer place to live for future generations and build a society that excludes no one.

Expect one and other with open arms.



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