On a Positive Note

I just want to say, before I begin this post, a ginormous THANK YOU to everyone who gave me such kind and positive feedback on my last blog post. I’ve said the same to almost everyone who’s contacted me but I wanted to say it to more of you.

In many ways I am grateful it happened to me, I have a high threshold and I’m not at all afraid to say how I feel. I want other people to know it’s okay to speak out! It’s how stigmas breakdown! Let’s not keep sweeping things under the proverbial carpet.

In other news, if you’re about in Brighton throughout August then head down to MADE on North Road. I will be exhibiting my photography alongside some amazing creatives/artists at the Dear Me exhibition.


I believe the purest beauty in the world is Mother Nature.

Mother Nature is what inspires me, it makes the days clearer, it makes the dark brighter and it’s the one thing that I can always rely on. But your mental health is never a certainty. You can feel your brightest now but 2 breaths later you can feel your worst. I use this to inspire my work. Take the purest form and turn it into what mental health can do to the strongest/purest of people.

Come down to see an amazing exhibition, for an incredible cause.

Who knows it might inspire you…


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