Lets Grab a Coffee

Something you should know about me, I’m a sucker for a well marketed Coffee House. Seriously, if it decorated nicely I’m IN!

So, when I got back to one of my favourite cities and they had a couple new Coffee spots I was ALL over them.

But also very much like me, nothing ever straight forward.

SO. Here are 3 of my favourite ‘instagramable’ hotspots in Liverpool with a little something extra.

First up is just a solid, old favourite of mine; Bold Street Coffee;

I’ve been visiting Bold Street for years and it’s always first on my list when I head up north. The staff are incredibly friendly and super helpful. I love coffee but it makes me rather skittish so now it’s just a blue moon kinda treat. They also have local artists work strooned across the walls which I think is wonderful. They hold each as an in house exhibition so if you love art, good coffee and fabulous vegan cakes head down to Bold Street immediately.

A little lesson I taught myself that day is to never expect what you want from yourself from other people. Does that make sense?! Probably not, but hopefully you catch my drift. I expect a lot from myself and I expect that level from everyone else. But everyone is different for good flipping reason. There’s a million pairs of ears because there’s a million genres of music. There’s a million pairs of eyes, because there’s a million works of art. You get it? We are all different for a reason. Celebrate you difference. 

Next up a brand new discovery, Love Thy Neighbour

After reading some, less than positive, reviews online I was slightly dubious. But, I was honestly impressed. The staff aren’t the fastest out the starting blocks, granted but practice makes perfect. A little stronger guiding hand and they’ll be there.

The smoothies and hot drinks were fabulous and the VEGAN chocolate cake was delicious! I may have to take a rain check on the beetroot latte…. wasn’t the nicest thing but it sure did shock me when I went to the lavatory!

Ok. Now this day was a little stressful for me. I was wrestling with some pretty fierce anxiety. But I put my big girl panties on, picked up my lippy and walked out the door. Thankfully I was with some wonderful people so that perked me up no end. But I learnt a lot about myself that day. Time waits for no one and my life can’t stop because the black dog in my mind wants it to. WOMAN UP. 

Lastly, a place I knew nothing about, Filter and Fox;

This was a complete shock to me. It really is what it says a ‘hideout’. At the bottom of Duke Street it really is hidden. Its very unassuming but one look inside tells you all you need to know. Cute cafe by day, Cocktail hotspot at night! Served on a silver tray beautiful tray, the service was super lovely, and we got a little chocolate wafer without even asking! Beautiful!

My last little lesson, after all that, is to not take everything so seriously. This is something I have to tell myself everyday. I have such determination in my veins, which is a good thing, but learning to laugh is a big deal. Smiling and laughing is the best medicine.  

Now, go explore and if you find any others, do let me know!


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