The Things You Don’t See

*cue first world problems* I was looking through Instagram earlier today on my iPhone 6S, whilst curled up in a ball on my L shaped sofa, rolled in a stratospherically soft cream throw, laying on my brand new Marks and Spencers scatter cushions, crippled with Period Pain (make sure to keep an eye here for my THINX pantie review) and I got all sad.

“But, you’re surrounded by scatter cushions how can you possibly be sad”

I hear you holla. You are correct kind human, I am comfortable how can I be sad. Well, I am laying indoors, by myself, drinking tea and watching YouTube when I could be climbing a mountain. (jk, I’ve done that before and it was fecking hard, I definitely couldn’t do that again) But, I am being boring. What am I doing with my day. With the time I have on this planet. What could I possibly experience laying on my sofa. To be completely honest I cannot muster even walking to the kitchen today, hormones getting me down.  

But scanning through all these Instagram profiles I follow I realised one very good thing. The vast majority of people I looked at today, their job is to have Instagram. They have to post inspiring and fun and different things to keep their followers, technically their employers, interested.

Therefore they can’t be posting a photo of their messy flat with dirty knickers on the floor, or their cuppa tea in front of a dusty TV. It has to be inspiring. Something you envy therefore you strive to create something similar in your own home or in your life.

But! That does NOT mean they don’t have those moments where they don’t leave bed all day apart from to open the door to the Deliveroo driver. Like, guys. Come on. NOBODY IS FLAWLESS. I mean, my Mum’s pretty close but nobody looks that effortless when they wake up in the morning, again my Mum is pretty close. That natural make up look too 3 hours and £150. Like it’s fine. You can look like a troll when you wake up and if you enjoy wearing makeup and posing for Instagram photos. BY ALL MEANS go ahead. Like I really enjoy posing for the insta. Judge me not.

Just remember, you are perfect because there is ONLY ONE of YOU.

Don’t compare yourself to someone else’s Instagram. It isn’t fun and isn’t necessary.


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