If not Now, When?

Don’t you just hate that ‘Storage Almost Full’ message that appears on your phone when you need the space most.

Well, being someone who loves documenting my life via photography my phone says this often!

I thought i’d give my Photos a good clear out. But, looking back over the past 5 years of photographs, I had an epiphany. No, seriously. It woke me up.

I was scanning through 1,000s of shots of mine and my friends faces. Past experiences. Family parties. Selfies. Views and Flowers (which I’ll be honest was a good portion). And my brain starting spouting absolute shite at me.

‘Look how happy you were then’

‘Don’t you miss how skinny you were and how healthy your skin looked’

‘Wish we could go back to that day’

I gave my head about 20 minutes of this crap and then said ‘Whoa Now. My life isn’t awful, it’s not how your making out it is’. I then stumbled across photos of people I have now lost. Moments from that time started coming back into my mind. Those times weren’t perfect, and neither are the ones I’m having now… But, I shouldn’t be undermining any experience I’ve had. Past or Present.

Living in the now is incredibly important. Believing in yourself is imperative ALWAYS.

I can celebrate the good in my past and reflect on the bad, but comparing it to the present is just foolish.

This is just a message to you all to not forget where you are now and what you’ve done to get here.



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