Sorry, I’m going to cry

Why do we apologise?! Why must we place a disclaimer in front of an emotion?

Can’t we feel proud of the fact we have emotion and empathy.

I am always the comic relief in my family! I’m very proud to be that, it’s a wonderful thing to be the person that puts a smile on loved ones faces. Whether it’s laughing at me or with me…

Comic relief is a necessity in life, we need laughter to get through the day. Also, it means you’ll get laughter lines which make you a really happy looking old person.

Don’t get me wrong, I’m not the perkiest person in the world. I struggle often with bouts of sadness and ill-thinking but, if nothing else in this world has taught me how to get out of a funk… comedy has!

One of my favourite ‘cheerer uppers’ is Victoria Wood Live at the Albert Hall & a Family Size bag of Malteasers.

But there’s plenty of ways, apart from having a personal family clown;

  1. Take yourself out for a date. YOURSELF. No one else, treat YOU.
  2. Have quiet time. Total silence. 
  3. Make a list. A list of all the ‘little’ things you love about life i.e Cheese on Toast. 

Life, is very much a bitch. But looking at the bad and ignoring the good makes the bad seem like the norm. That just plainly isn’t the case. Recently bad news and sadness has clouded my mind hugely. But, in order to process these emotions and find a resolve I need to concentrate on the good in my life.

So, appreciate the bad and how it affects you as a person. How it makes you GROW (ergh, thats such a crappy word). Then highlight the good it helps you to see straight.

I’m no expert, just a little friendly advice from human to human.


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