Risk Taking

I am naturally a risk adverse person. I don’t like the unknown, I don’t like taking risks. I like comfort and conformity. But, I am taking the biggest risk in my tiny little world. I am leaving my job to pursue a creative career. ‘NO, YOU IDIOT. DON’T! IT’S ALL A PIPE DREAM’ I hear you scream at your screens.

I know. I screamed it internally to myself for a long time and put it off and put it off. But, if you can’t take risks whilst you’re young, you grow up to be regretful and I NEVER want to have regrets. Yes I will be living off 70p Ramen and Council Pop, but to me, it’s worth it.

That book I’ve been talking about writing for over a year can finally be started. This thing called music I am trying to conquer can now begin. Yes, none of these things lead immediately to money or ‘earning a living’ but is money the be all and end all?

Well, yes. Yes it is. But it shouldn’t rule my head or my heart. Letting money rule you’re every move is just too dangerous, think about it! Children have ZERO money worries, and look how happy they are! Dogs have no pockets to put money in and they are over the moon all the time. I don’t want to compromise my happiness for money.

So, I’m taking a little more control of this crazy career I aim for.

My band, ORCHARDS, is my main priority, I want to spread our music as far and wide as possible. I am very lucky to work with 3 incredibly talented fools and we make music completely for the love of it. So, lets spread this love aye. Why the hell not!

I want to be the person, 14 year old me expected me to be. I want to make a difference because it’s what I told myself I would do.

So, lets do this internet. Let’s start making a difference. Starting today!


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