Pond’s Cold Cream

Okay, so granted, as much as I want this post to be about Pond’s Cold Cream, lets face it… i’ll inevitably go off track.

So, lets start off track.
Periods, aye. No, I joke. I want to introduce this ever going theme a little more subtly.

I’m sure every girl has the burden of angry skin before the Crimson River. This month, my skin has resembled a hungry  toddler. Red and screaming.

So, I’ve had to dig into some Drag Race knowledge and use COLD CREAM! Flipping cold dream. WTF. Some fierce and majestic queens have given me some solid advice, and if they can get each lick of beautifully applied paint off their faces with a swipe of cold cream, then to hell lets use it.

As much as this post is about a brilliant product, a lot of this is about PMS.

It’s something many women suffer with and is far too often met with the phrase ‘it’s because she’s on her period’. No, is the answer because PMS is not only crippling it is also before your period even begins and you feel shit enough once Aunt Flo’s paid her visit.

This month it has hit me like a tonne of bricks. Making me reconsider everything I do, causing me to be a not very nice person around people I love very very dearly.

My family have a phrase we say to each other in times of difficulty, “together we are stronger” but during this time, I just want to be alone. Actually alone. Just talking to you guys. Just telling you about how shitty being a real menstruating human is. It grabs hold of your happiness and confiscates it for half a month (therefore half the fucking year) shoves it in a dark place and says “you can have that back when I say so”.

I am a strong independent woman, I normally have a lot of faith in myself, my abilities, my future but when this shit hits the theoretical fan I want to crawl into a hole and eat nothing but rice pudding & maple syrup and weep like a small child.


So, grab life by the ovaries and get your big girl pants in gear. Get on with life, which is what I do.

I want to tell you all that you may feel like crud and you are most certainly allowed! But, don’t let the bastards get you down.



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