Honey, Oh Honey

Innocently, I entered a competition to win a Burt’s Bees lippy. AND I ONLY WENT A FUCK!N WON!

I couldn’t believe it, so much that, I rang my mum.

Inspired by all things Honey and Bees, I decided to do a full on treat day and use all my collected honey products and have a little pamper.

I started with my Pond’s Cold Creamyes, I said this was a Honey thang but why not be consistently useless – it literally makes my skin so happy, it just gets rid of all redness and frustration. Now, I’ve no idea what’s in this stuff and I don’t wanna ask because it burns through makeup like nothing else, so don’t come whining at me because it works and I don’t care I love it.

Next, I had the most incredible bath with Floating Island & Gold Fun from Lush – yes, AGAIN not containing Honey but they are yellow. get over it! it’s a blog –  Gold Fun is quite seriously the best smelling thing to have ever existed and when it’s back in store I can’t run fast enough. Floating Island is honestly, my favourite Lush Product of all time, in this formula and the old one. It contains oils such as; Coconut, Almond, Sandalwood + Shea Butter! It’s such a treat! Smells great! Ugh!

Now, here is the actual Honey product, Vitamasque Manuka Honey Mask. As you know, I have a subscription to Pink Parcel and I’ve been saving up the Face Masks they send so this week would be the most pampering of them all. After my Cold Cream and then Steaming my skin from the bath my skin was primed and ready for some lovin’ and this mask. Holy Moly. My boyfriend never really comments on my skin, but even he said my skin was glowing. And I have to say, I was really feeling it. It was soft, and glowy and brightened.

Next Up! My brand new Sephora Honey Lip Scrub. Good golly, this stuff smells incredible. It’s not the strongest scrub I’ve ever used, but it does the job.

I then did a standard, no makeup, make up face and used my brand new Burt’s Bees Lipstick in Brimming Berry!

What do you think? It’s a great colour especially for this time of year. It’s a super soft formula, really moisturising and a great pigment.

What a wonderful little honey filled surpise! #savethebees



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