What I learnt in April

These things got me through a month of touring, or basically just not being at home at my most comfortable!

I’m a home bird we all know this and if you make a baby bird fly too early they just plummet to the ground and this was my preparation to not fall to my demise after the first 2 days away from home.


I bought this hoodie mid way through tour, partly because I thought it was cute and partly because I needed a little pick me up. A daily cuddle inspired by a fellow Tour Queen, Liv of PWR BTTM.

I am a comfort animal, all I want is to be comfy and happy. This past month has been a welcomed whirlwind of love and acceptance for me and it came as such a shock. So, anxiety… don’t. This jumper turned into a home from home. So, if you saw me in it more than once. Shut Up! I was content.


This is so not sponsored (although I wish it was, i’ve spent so much money on them). This is actual advice! No jokes, no sarcasm.

I don’t know how I would have got through singing every night with out them. I move around so much on stage and don’t support my diaphragm nearly enough as I should therefore I have lazy technique and push my throat too hard! These little bae’s totally changed that! Seriously brilliant!

#3 . RAMEN 


Serious level here. Ramen totally got me through this month. A wholesome bowl of warm cuddles filled with veg and garlic! WHOLE CHUNKS OF GARLIC! They saved me from tour lurgy circling round the van air con.

My favourite atm is Bone Daddies but any kinds of Ramen/Pho etc is just tha best.

#4 . VITAMINS bitch

Take vitamins. Period.


Go for a walk, get some fresh air. Don’t coop yourself up for too long. A little alone time and a little nature time is totally underrated.



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