I’m back from tour. And I’m sad.

I am not a fan of the ‘female’ label and will never use it to take the consequences for anything, but due to the functioning of my brain I am a little more sensitive to sections of the world. This could be down to being a girl or it could just be down to the fact my parents taught me how to have respect and kindness for fellow humans.

During my time away touring I’ve met all kinds of people. Mostly super kind, helpful, generous & supportive but others have been, rude, self-centered, & undermining. Any small sense of entitlement or power seems to render some people heartless. LUCKILY that has been a minute percentage. By this I mean a total of 2 people out of the 200+ I met.

Maybe I am too sensitive to the world but I am sick of being brought down and made to feel worthless because someone thinks their existence is more prevalent than my own.

Do the phrases please and thank you no longer exist?

Are some people just born without kindness and regard for others?

I am on an ever moving rollercoaster with humanity, one minute I have complete faith that people are considerate and beautiful then the next moment all faith catapults downward and I can’t string a sentence together for want of crying.

However this tour has taught me something beautiful about our Millennial Generation. They have total love and compassion for their fellow ‘man’. They believe in change, they strive for equality. They are kind and they just want to spread joy. They want others to treat them how they are treated. I don’t think that is a lot to ask.

I have met such kind and wholesome people during this tour, who on a daily basis fight prejudice and pain to become better people. To educate the ignorant and to favour the brave.

I am a Millennial. We by definition are a community, a global community that believes in equality and togetherness. The audiences I met during my time on tour with PWR BTTM blew my mind. I thought I had a basic understanding of my generation but, good grief I was so naive.

The strength they have, the passion they posses, the faith they have in change. It was overwhelming to say the least.

I had the delight and pleasure, to meet a young human who told me how even attending the gig was a stretch for them and something they didn’t think they were able to do. But PWR BTTM and my band Orchards had given them the confidence to  have love and faith in themselves. PB’s music had helped them to realise their own position in the world. Their ability to admit a non binary gender and continue living their life in a capacity in which they felt strongest.

It was a pleasure to speak to such courageous people who have such a wholesome love for their life and the future.

I’m just a little girl from London and I play music because it’s what I want to do. I never once imagined I would instill confidence in people. I made me humble and determined all in the same breath. I want my gigs to be safe places, I want to live in a world of gender neutral toilets. Just because it’s not something that affects me directly it is something that i have care and empathy towards. I want everyone to live in an equal world.

I’m not stupid I know it’s not that easy but our generation are making waves in this world and with a bit of spit and polish we can start to change others perceptions.

p.s LOOK someone drew me!


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