Festival’s are hard

Warm beer, blocked toilets, muddy shoes. Festivals can be a whirlwind of misery, but if you’re anything like me, the fear of missing out over takes the freezing cold and soggy socks. Fun must be had and I must be the one having it.

As musicians, festival season is what we build our year around. It can be tricky to master the art of tent habitation but I am going to prove it’s not as hard as it looks.

Sense the sarcasm in the phrase ‘the Great British Summertime’ and use that as your guide…

Tip #1- prepare for shitty weather.

I, as a Human-Reptile Hybrid, run cold. So, during my time in field last year I sensibly, under packed… Yep. Underpacked. I decided my 20+ years of living had taught me nothing and I believed despite knowing my own body I would be fine in disco pants and a crop top. WRONG.

The pure nature of Festivals means they are in fields; fields mean open ground, open ground means no micro climate, no micro climate means wind. Gale force Wind. So, wear the outfit you’ve been planning since February but take a padded parka and some thick socks to balance out the lack of covered skin.

Tip #2 – eat.

Food stalls can be a curse wrapped in tin foil, as wonderful as that miscellaneous meat burrito can taste it is doing hideous things for your energy levels. Avoid empty carbs at all costs. Yes, I lived on Chocolate covered Churros for 5 days but I highly recommend you don’t.

Alongside the 5 crates of beer, pack Fruit – and not just the kind you put in Pimms. Your guts and your brain will thank you for it I promise.

Which brings me onto my next point…

Tip #3 – drink. 

Not Alcohol! Water. You need water to survive. I don’t often drink and avoided drinking on our last summer circuit but if you feel like the atmosphere is taking you by all means follow the trend. But in between pints of suspiciously warm beer consider your health. Have a pint of water, can’t hurt right? Maybe just your ego…

I say these things like they are ground breaking, they’re not, by any stretch. What they are, are gentle reminders that you can have fun but your inner Mother should be constantly nagging you.

“Are you warm enough?”

“What have you eaten today?”

“Have you drank enough water?” 

She always told you she was right, right?


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