First World Fixing

Recently I have been toying with my conscience.

As a Millennial and a habitant of the first world, I have a tendency to take my surrounding for granted, but I no longer want that.

I want to be more conscious. Not just in my Vegan Diet or my Ethical Fabrics, I want to broaden this! Due to the nature of this blog and my outlook on all things Vagina, I want to make you aware of Women’s Homeless Charities.

We can have the debate about homelessness all day but this is not about that. This is about the fact a sanitary product is considered ‘luxury’ but my inability to change this bodily function is still considered natural.

So, what’s the answer? Free Bleed. Social unacceptable, apparently.

I, fortunately, have the financial ability to buy my own pads/tampons. Currently I subscribe to a brilliant period box called ‘Pink Parcel‘ which I have spoken about previously. This means despite my busy schedule I am never caught short.

Homeless Women don’t have this. They need help from people like us!

Homeless Period Brighton are doing something about this!

If you are Brighton based or are in the area soon, Dead Wax Social are now a drop off point for this selfless organisation! Take your spare –wrapped and clean, dirty b*tch– sanitary products to them to be distributed to the ladies who can’t do it themselves.

We cant solve the world’s problems but we can damn well help.

So get off your tampons and do it.



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