Pink. Always Pink.

There has been a monumental shift in my creative life as of late.


Now you most of you that will be a pointless statement, but for such a long time I was so against pink, unless it was a splash but now I can’t leave the house without pink.

It’s considered (for some stupid reason) to be a girls colour. Yes, I am a girl but I’ve not be a ‘pink adoring’ girl since the age of 7!

I’m all about empowerment at the moment, of course. I think in the current shitty shitty climate we all need something that makes us feel bad ass and mine is PINK!

Peggy Porschen happens to be the Pinkest place i’ve ever been so this is how I’m expressing my empowerment at the moment.

Oh and Feminists aren’t all hand-me-down, angry, make-up boycotting, buzz cut, holey jumper wearing. Some of us get dressed pretty FOR OURSELVES.

Yes, that’s a Banoffee Cupcake. OMG.

Happy Sunday.





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