I ate alone. And no one could take me.

Yep. Exactly what I said. Recently I was in Birmingham and had a few hours to kill before I could go to bed at a adult time. So, I decided to treat myself, take my book and have dinner somewhere nice. I chose Bill’s Restaurant in the Bull Ring & people lost their tiny little minds.

I understand I live in probably one of the most liberal cities in the country so, maybe, going for dinner by myself in Brighton wouldn’t have warranted a blog post. But, Birmingham is a totally different story.

Table for 2” puzzled I looked around me and replied “nope, just 1“. This already sparked confusion and I could see the young girls brain running overtime to try and work out why, a 20 something girl was eating alone. Because I want to…. cue Billie Piper

I ordered something very small as I wasn’t that hungry (and I had 3 Krispy Kreme’s in my bag ssshhhh).

I was sat next to 3 couples, and it couldn’t have been better people watching if I had planned it myself. So, I am going to explain the 3 couples surrounding me. I’ve made up their names because I am an internet blogger and I don’t have this confidence out of the world wide web.

Firstly, in front of me, lets call them Patrick and Theresa (probably slightly racist, they were Irish but for the point of this story stick with it)

They sat down, and discussed the menu, how hungry they were general things you speak of when at dinner together. I can only assume by earwigin’ that they spoke mostly about their children and their children. About, schools and catchment areas all the stuff you expect parents and grand parents talk about.

Patrick, looked a bit fed up like he’d been dragged around shopping for a fair while, I guess as musch because Theresa’s feet we’re obviously causing her discomfort. The food came they spoke very little then, you’re going to be shocked now, she got her Mobile Phone out and not another word was said.

They took noticed of me only twice, but both times the word ‘awww’ was expressed. Take from that what you will.

Secondly, to my left, Mary and Eve (again not their real names, it felt rude to ask)

They chatted mainly of schools, their children, their husbands. But nothing that came out of their mouths was positive or happy, it was less of a Mother’s meeting and more of a therapy session! They complained relentlessly about how miserable their were with their lives. Brilliant! Great people watching.

They were utterly baffled by me! They couldn’t work out how someone could be independant and that a Woman could leave the house alone! Oh My Goodness were they made at my ability to be content.

Thirdly, to my right, Hansel and Gretel (now these really were an enigma)

Ready? She ordered for both of them with no exchanged word or what they both fancied to eat.

They sat faces lit by screen glow. Not a word was spoken. Not a single word. I’ve heard the phrase children of the internet but this was something else! Truly exhausting to watch! They had full blown conversations with the internet and not even a nod of peace to each other. I was gobsmacked!

I know you probably think, oh they just don’t get on’, but they were there as a couple. He barely looked up, they ate their food one handed whilst keeping the other wrapped around their phones.

Lastly, the staff (I want to point out that this experience wasn’t at all unpleasant I had a fabulous time all by myself and that these are just character observations because I’m human and I love to people watch!)

5 separate members of staff came to check on me to make sure I was “okay”. This shouldn’t be surprising but all parties around me dealt with one member of staff their entire time and they waited a very long time for their food in comparison to mine. Obviously different meals take different time scales, I’m not stupid, but it seemed odd that I was appearing to get some kind of special service. That – or – they just didn’t want a single person taking up a space for two haha. Gotta get that dolla!

There’s not much point to this other than the fact, I felt SO EMPOWERED! I felt; strong, important, confident. I very rarely feel those feelings unless I’ve literally just stepped foot off stage. It was something I could get used to. A feeling that all eyes are on me because I’m envied. Because I can do something not everyone can. It was abuzz I’m not too sure I’ve had before.

I recommend it. Go to dinner alone and be the BOSS LADY you know you are! Take a note pad to people think you’re a critic it’s great!!





  1. Excellent! If you were as miserable as they appeared to be they would not have given you a second look. Well done to the staff whatever their motives were. Good manners, even toned voice, eloquent requests and smiles nearly always get you what you want.
    Awesome Aunt x


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