Period Tears – Loose Leaf Tea

I believe every girl has this issue…

You’re on your period, you’re feeling a little fragile and then- BOOM! The duct rivers break and you didn’t know you had this much fluid in you.  I get it, I’ve got you, boo.

I am going to share the most trivial thing I cry about in the weeks leading up to my period. The things I cry over that are purely hormonal tears!

This week I cried at Loose Leaf Tea…

Loose Leaf fucking Tea. What an infant! It’s ridiculous. I poured my tea, looked at it glowing pink and almond scented and I was over come by the effort it must have taken to create such a beautiful thing.

It’s utterly uncontrollable, your body just takes over and something you would normally go ‘awww’ at you ball your eyes out! It’s stupid. But, inevitable!

So I wanted to chat about this, it’s (yet another thing) we hide and lie about. It’s perfectly natural, your hormones build up and build up and if you don’t address them they kick and scream and throw the mother of tantrums all in one day!

Recently these tantrums have been increasing and I have been beating myself up about it. It makes no sense whatsoever to beat myself up, it’s not my fault. I can’t control them so why am I fighting them!?

PMS (Premenstrual Syndrome) is horribly normal. It’s something the vast majority of women face every month. Estrogen is a bastard and gets you when you expect it least, you could be having the calmest, most placid of days then, wallop you’re crying over tea. Then your boyfriend asks you if you want biscuits with your tea and you yell at him, accusing him of calling you fat. It’s agony!

Women, fear not. You are not alone, often being on your period and being incredibly hormonal can feel so dysphoric and lonely. But half of the world understand your pain.

Women need to start caring for each other! This clique-y, judgmental society that we live in needs to change. Look after each other girls, it’s only going to get harder for us (if you catch my drift).

Be nice to each other. If you know a girl who is having a hard time, give her a boost. Just a little cuddle!



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