Humanity in a Coffee Shop

Yesterday I experienced the polar opposite ends of the human kindness spectrum.

I was working in a coffee shop (i won’t say which one) in Brighton. Maybe one of the most liberal, left wing cities in the UK, when I could hear two older men- lets call them PRICKS- chatting about a member of staff behind the counter.

Now, you’ve probably thought, they were being misogynistic. Nope. You’re wrong. I left their vicinity before I allowed myself to hear there inevitable tales of misogyny.

Through Old London dialect, one of them said ‘yeah i’ll have a coffee but not if that bastard is making it’, gesturing to a lovely lad behind the counter ‘I don’t want him and his scruffiness (paraphrased) in my coffee’. Now, I have dulled this down some what. I won’t say their actual words because they outraged me so much and I don’t want to ruin your day too. The words, fucked, up and disgusting were involved. Use your imagination.  

The lad in question is a gentleman of, White British decent and has very long blonde hair in the style of ‘dreadlocks’. He also has tattoos and piercings. But, in the grand scheme of things this shouldn’t matter.

The PRICKS were insinuating, because of his appearance and choice of style he is ‘dirty’ and will, with his obvious -eye rolls- magic, turn the PRICKS into a similar beings.

Like. I can’t even begin to explain my disgust or hatred for these ignorant, cretinous, uneducated, moronic, obtuse, PRICKISH MEN who hugely offend such an unsuspecting lad just doing his god damn job.

I just can’t. They assume that because of his appearance that he is some sort of monster. While these Neanderthals stand there, Paco Rabanne oozing from every poor, transparent hair clinging on for dear life, clearly fighting for acknowledgement in this Millennial world and express their anger at a generations disapproval of them into one innocent person.

Rant over. Here is the complete opposite end of humanity!

I was waiting to meet someone, drinking my coffee, minding my own business. Typing like a mad woman!

The girl opposite me introduced herself, her name, her job and then went on to ask whether I would watch her laptop and bag whilst she popped down the road to grab some food. Being a regular coffee shop visitor, this is not my first rodeo. I politely said yes, not a problem.  Then came the kind surprise… “would you like me to buy you some lunch, in return” … “oh my goodness, of course not it’s fine. thank you for offering” was of course my response.

My problem with this whole thing is that, my encounter with this lovely girl lasted about 20 minutes.

My encounter with the PRICKS last all of 35 seconds but I far more consumed by that then a stranger offering to buy me lunch in return for some basic human kindness.

My point is I think… it is far easier to be nice to people. The reason everything is in the state it’s in is because we are unkind to each other! It’s exhausting! Use your energy for something productive and useful. Not hatred and offensive behavior.

Bee Kind To Each Other. pls. It’ll make everyone’s life a lot easier!



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