I have Hairy Armpits

So, I was sitting on the bathroom floor a while back (like I often do, it’s where I do all my best thinking) and I saw my razor and shaving foam on the side. Ready and prepared for me to cut down those little short and curlies under my arms. This to me was an instinct I’d never even considered before.

  • Who told me I had to do this?
  • Why should I?
  • Why is there a stigmas attached to armpit hair, on only one gender?

(if you’ve read my previous blogs you know that stigma surrounding natural bodily behaviours really grinds my gears!)

Why, must I, a 22 year old self professed feminist conform to a tradition created by Harper’s Bazaar, over 100 years ago!

My armpit hair is apparently objectionable? What? My armpit hair, nor is any other region of hair, offensive! Women shouldn’t let a marketing scheme, created 100 years ago define what makes them feel confident.

I, like a vast amount of people, have very dry and sensitive skin, cause it to split, causing eczema, generally pissing me off. So, maybe if I stop hacking at it with a blade it will stop being such a hindrance and become soft and smooth and happy again… and I’ll give you 1 guess?!


My skin is not happier, my conscious is happier, my inner feminist feels confident. It isn’t a stance ‘political resistance’ it’s acknowledging aspects of the media that are built to make everyday women feel inferior. We are not inferior. We are bold and beautiful and HAIRY!

That will be all.



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