Femme Lit #1

As I’ve mentioned before I have a ‘Book Nook’. It’s my happy place, it’s where I feel at my calmest.

It is filled to the brim of books so much so it’s overflowed and is beginning to take over my entire flat. But, this is the nature of an addiction, it consumes you and I will never be ashamed to say that I am addicted to books. The smell of a good book, there is nothing quite like fresh unopened pages.

That being said I have chosen a few from my collection that have barely seen the light of day and decided to write a little piece on both. Reading these have really put things into perspective last month and made me realise that what happens to me, happens because I’m strong enough to handle it!

The first book that has got me out of my gloom is “Get Your Sh*t Together” by Sarah Knight. 


This book is like a punch in the throat. You read it and with each page relaise how dull you’re life is becoking how you need to inject some passion and gusto into it(… no just me?). She speaks so openly about how she was just straight up, unhappy with her then current circumstance. She addressed that and I admire her spirit and her honesty so much. It’s really helped me to think more clearly about how much ‘sh*t’ I carry around with me. It’s a constant burden and I feel like for a lot of other people this is the case. She writes so beautifully and if you’re feeling down or in a rut about your current circumstances read this. It gives you that fire under your butt, that sense of clarity.

The profanities help I’m not gonna lie, but her words are crystal. Get Your Shit Together. Stop fannying around! If you want something get off your flab and do it. The world doesn’t wait for you…

The second book that empowered the fuck outta me is “milk and honey” by Rupi Kaur. 


There are very few words that describe the pure power of this book. It is truly a work of art. You can feel her intention and intensity with every word. You feel the pain and the suffering of a honest being.

I quote, “you have sadness in places sadness shouldn’t live”. I read that line and for a moment everything stopped. She is a genius and this book is everything.

It takes your on a poem driven rollercoaster of her life experiences and they are vast, I’m warning you don’t go into this book thinking it’s pretty poems about delicate flowers and buzzy bees. It’s not. It’s haunting!

The blurb is the perfect introduction into this book. It’s the hurting loving and healing of her 21 years. It’s her coping mechanism, and if I’m brutally honest poetry has always been mine. Getting a few short lines out of your system about a heart ache really clears things for me. I think that’s why I identified so strongly with this book, because I could feel myself typing the words.


I hope this helps you find a little extra clarity this month.

Until next month, reading is cool Kids! 


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