Pink Parcel of Joy

This months saviour….

PINK PARCEL. As sexist as that sounds it is such a delight to come home before the crimson river breaks it banks and see a box filled with treats and 3 extra boxes of pads. Those things are god damn expensive and apparently a ‘luxury’. Yep. IKR. #tampontax

It has been a saving grace for me this week! They include a few beauty items along with well deserved chocolate!


With my job I travel often, which means I have to be prepared… being a contraceptive free young women my monthly visit is never scheduled! It’s like the relative you didn’t invite but shows up at 6 in the AM just to grind your gears. That is exactly what this month entailed, it decided to do this whilst away with work, in a hotel bedroom, with no Pink Parcel Box, no Boots near by and a very tearful Lucy. Not a great way to start my day!

But getting home that evening, to this bad boy, cheered me the eff up!

I have very robust but angry skin, it holds it’s own but sometimes with a bit of arguing. The top two products for me were;

Like a lot of people I struggle to find a moisturiser than doesn’t break me out & break the bank. Clear Face Car Gel is as close as happy as my skin will get!

I don’t have much more to say about this box other than it is a brilliant idea! I want a happy delivery at the same time as a bloody delivery to even out the good and bad!

This post isn’t at all sponsored by Pink Parcel I just genuinely think it’s a brilliant idea!!!

See! I have discovered Women are actually nice to each other! Even when were heavily menstruating! I know! I couldn’t believe it either, normally we hide in our man hating den’s and scream into cups of tea!

You can find them here ❤ 






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