Joan from Admin

The title means nothing so far and was half a bit of click bait! Soz.

But, Joan is real. She is in us all & sometimes you just need appreciate Joan from Admin…

  • She is unapologetic
  • She gives no shits
  • She believes in herself
  • She cares about her future
  • She sticks up for her opinion
  • She is ruthless

You don’t mess with her. I think we, as young millennial women we need to take a leaf out of Joan’s bulging Filofax!

We might be the generation of ‘now or never’ but that isn’t necessarily the correct outlook (you thought of your email then, right? me too.)

Our generation is growing up so fast, faster than it ever has and that means we are becoming increasingly impatient. We don’t have time to climb the ladder, to work our way up. We want to earn and be it right now. No waiting.

Joan might be that kind of kid but even though, when she trod on your foot it was your foots fault for being in the way, doesn’t mean she beats people out of her way to get where she wants. You can be empowered without being a bitch. Honestly, i’m not pulling on your panties you seriously can. If you are all of Joan but also considerate you can reach the goal you’re striving for. She understands completely that the people you meet on your way up will be the people who laugh at you on your way down. Don’t let that be the case.

There are so many traits of Joan’s that I have, and as I’ve said for years now… everyone needs a Joan. I have the trait of determination, consideration for my future and there are so little shits that I give I sometimes wonder if i’ll ever find one. But I apologise far too much, far too much, I have such little belief in my own abilities. I worry all the time that my best will never be good enough but it is simply not true. My best is exactly what it is… my best.

So, what shall we take from Admin’s Joan…

I guess we take that her traits make you feel powerful and strong and I’m sure you all have a woman in your mind right now and she can look however you want! I just wanted to put a woman in your head like I do in mine… a empowered, bossy bitch who you can switch on and off at your leisure like I do. I find her and all the women in my head so useful. It means I never square peg round hole myself.

I’m adaptable.

This post was more for my benefit than yours but I hope this helps some people. It’s just a way of realising that you are an empowered, independant woman who needs no one but herself (& the little women who stroll around your mind) BUT often it’s okay to ask for a little bit of help! That you are not indestructible… you are human and that is such a gift!

Stick ‘Take It Easy’ on by the Eagles and just chill TF out.


(p.s if someone wants to draw me a Joan i’d be so grateful)


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