I’ve been thinking…

Which is dangerous!

I had so much planned for this blog, my last one wasn’t in anyway a disaster but it sort of just needed to stay where it is. It was a stage in my life and I have moved on from that now.  To something not exactly different but just, new.

I’ve made list after list about how I am going to word this blog, categorise it, release it. But I realised it’s all bullsh*t. It doesn’t matter. My brain & my thoughts aren’t categorised. They come and go as they please and make little to no sense. So why should this blog go against every human instinct I have, I’ve never been one for organisation or planning as much as I wish I was. So, why am I fighting it!?

I came across a post from my last blog that (even though it was written a year ago) is still so relevant to me as a person. Either that, or I just haven’t changed at all…

I’m at a stage in my life when my brain runs much faster than my feet. I want to do everything, right now. I want to achieve everything my mind thinks of this second and I won’t feel better until I do. But, patience is key. Everything takes time, if you get lost pondering over what could be, will be, wont be, then you’ll miss everything that happens in the now. It’s hard and this is a very transitional part of life, your 20′s are full of ringing your Mum for help on how be an adult, asking your Dad what beer is good to drink and whether you should have another tonight or not. Carefully dragging your feet through the confusion of adult life in case you step on something and ruin the next week! But, patience and positivity is the key. I’m sure of it, maybe, I think….

Be careful of those egg shells life drops around you.

L x


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