Anything Is Possible

This is not another rant I promise, it’s a life update.

If any of you guys read my last post you’ll know of ups and downs in my recent history. Last week I squared up to that history with a massive EFF YOU.

I’m not an athlete, far from it in fact. But if people face fight the ugliest of monsters on a daily basis the VERY LEAST I can do is jog a couple miles to support them. To show them all that although at times they feel the lowest of the low and incredibly alone, millions of people care outrageous amounts about securing their future.

If I had the ability to take on every last ounce of pain my mother goes through every minute of every day I’d barely bat an eye lid. I would remove every detail of her suffering, no matter how minute. She is the bravest lady I have ever met! Now I’m not naive, everyone who knows a cancer fighter says the exact same, but it’s flippin’ true. She has managed to raise a squiffy thing such as me and I don’t want for a thing. EVER.

This post is not my longest by any stretch, I’m not sure I could write much more. But for me it is one with the most significance. I don’t speak of this area of my past because I WILL NEVER let it define me.

In my honest opinion, these things are sent to challenge us. Challenge our morals. Challenge our destinies. Challenge our ideals.

I accept this challenge.


One step at a time.



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